Airport Yoga, Anyone?

Spotted this in the international terminal at the Dallas-Fort Worth airport (DFW). I suppose that an international airport terminal is as good a place as any for yoga, especially if you want to limber up before folding and twisting yourself into an economy class seat for a long flight.

Lions on Video

Spotted this in St. Augustine. The wording struck me as funny. It's one of those signs that is something you're not likely to see anywhere else and would be completely mystifying if not for the fact that it was on display on the Bridge of Lions, which is so named due to the presence of... Continue Reading →

Courtesy Gas

Spotted this on the back of a truck in front of us while heading to St. Augustine, Florida. And yes, my oftentimes-juvenile sense of humor takes center stage here as my mind immediately went to the other kind of gas, which is generally regarded as "not courteous".  My husband and I both smirked and giggled,... Continue Reading →

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