Gonna shoot the fecker in the pecker

2018-08-19 22.15.20

Spotted this in Edinburgh, Scotland while walking back to my hotel with my co-workers after dinner. We paused on the sidewalk to see what would happen when the countdown completed. It was a little animated movie short where the plot revolved around an older woman talking to her sister about her plans to address her husband’s infidelity.

The movie lasted maybe 5 minutes or so while the woman recounted how she had given her best years to “the fecker” who betrayed her, which lead to her decision to shoot said fecker. Her sister warned her that she would go to prison and that’s where the genius of her “plan and a half” emerged. Seems she couldn’t afford health insurance and other living expenses, so she was basically going to “retire” to prison. There, she would live rent-free, get free healthcare (even the dentist!), and basically be set. Her sister then decided to “aid and abet” so she could get the same deal.

A plan and a half, indeed!

As for the fecker? He did indeed get shot…twice. And once was definitely in the pecker.

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