Empire of the Dead

Sufficiently creepy engraved sign over the doorway to the Catacombs in Paris, France: Stop! This is the empire of the dead.


Adequate Accessories

Spotted this in Bayeux, Normandy (lots of great signs there, btw). Gotta love the modesty of this sign - not "fabulous" or "great" or even "good" accessories and jewelry - just adequate. You know, for times that you need something that meets the low bar of being acceptable to go with your outfit.

No wolves, smokes, or ice cream

Spotted on the door to the cathedral in Bayeux, France. There are a gazillion ice cream shops in Bayeux  and at the time, I wondered if this sign was meant to expressly forbid ice cream, or if ice cream was meant to represent all foods. It remains an unsolved mystery.

No Hamburger, Yes Crêpe

Now here's a bumper sticker I could get behind: no to hamburgers, yes to crepes with butter. I mean, hamburgers are great, don't get me wrong. But crepes are awesome! Our French tour guide agreed. Spotted this on a car in the parking lot at Mont St. Michel in Normandy, France.

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