Sanja and Rosie’s Throwback Croatian Launderette

Vintage sign Sanja and Rosie's Launderette Dubrovnik

I was ridiculously charmed by Sanja and Rosie’s tiny little laundromat in Dubrovnik that featured a vintage 50’s Americana theme, complete with the sign pictured above and music from that era. My co-workers were also charmed, but perhaps not as much as I was, who knows! If you ever find yourself in Dubrovnik and need to do laundry, do yourself a favor and stop by this place.

This also marked the first visit to a laundromat ever for one of my team mates. He didn’t even need to wash his clothes but came along with the rest of us just to have his first laundromat experience “like in American movies and TV”. I think this one has given him an unrealistic impression of how laundromats are, at least based on the American laundromats I’ve been in. 🙂

As you can see from the image above, the entire place was covered in post-its from people from all over the world who had stopped here to do their laundry. Some were philosophical, some funny, some vulgar, some just “I was here”. Below are a couple that caught my eye.

2018-03-16 12.23.32.jpg2018-03-16 12.20.07.jpg



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