Best coffee on the interstate!

pilot flying j truck best coffee on the interstate

Spotted this “best coffee on the interstate” sign on Interstate 4 in Florida on the back of a fuel tanker truck. My husband, who doesn’t even drink coffee, commented sarcastically that they were setting a high bar for coffee and I had the exact same thought (a not-uncommon phenomenon when you’ve been married as long as we have).

It reminded me of this scene in Elf when Buddy the Elf comes across a NY diner serving the “world’s best cup of coffee”:

The “mmmmm in S, M, or L” on the side does nothing to convince me that I should try their coffee. I’m no coffee snob but coffee at a gas station or rest stop on an interstate is pretty unappealing. Still, if you’re driving and need a little jolt of caffeine, you may as well opt for the best.

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