The Legend of Scarface

Legend of Scarface Robbies Islamorada Florida Keys

This large mural/sign is on display at the iconic Robbie’s in Islamorada in the Florida Keys. Per the legend, Scarface did in fact bring back his friends and you can stop by and feed them.

Check out pics of people doing just that (and this post I wrote about it on my other blog the last time we stopped by). It’s pretty amazing how much entertainment you can get for a few buck’s worth of tarpon food (aka dead fish) – or if you’re not sold on dangling your digits over the mouth of one of those beasts, watching the people who do is almost as fun. Highly recommend a stop if you’re in the Upper Keys.

One Reply to “The Legend of Scarface”

  1. We were there right before the lock down. The end of February 2020. What a crazy happy place. We stayed for hours and really needed a couple more just to see everything.We didn’t get to fed the tarpon . But you can bet next time I will. It’s a must see adventure. Food and drinks were over the top also

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