Sliding into a Poo Mountain

geen uitlaatveld amsterdam playground slide sign with dog poop

Spotted from my hotel room window in Amsterdam. I was so intrigued by what looked like a Keith Harring-inspired sign that I had to go downstairs and find it to snap a pic.

Here we have an interesting juxtaposition: a blissfully unaware person on a playground slide heading inexorably towards an enormous pile of dog poo. Google Translate tells me that “geen uitlaatveld” means “no exhaust field” but I think that’s Dutch for “caution: poo mountain”.

The scale between the size of the poo and the size of the dog (or even the person, for that matter) is pretty impressive, or possibly cause for alarm or medical intervention. Also of note: there isn’t any playground equipment, much less a slide, anywhere in this area.

I think this is now one of my all-time favorite signs. 😆

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