The Spud

the Spud drive in theatre Driggs Idaho

Potato on truck at the Spud drive in theatre Driggs Idaho
“Old Murphy” presumably is the potato-man driving the truck

We spotted this on our way from Jackson, Wyoming to Idaho Falls, Idaho and of course, I had to get a pic. We actually passed it and I made my husband swing a U-turn to go back so we could get out and take a closer look. The Spud did not disappoint.

I admire how this little drive-in movie theater in rural Driggs, Idaho fully embraces the official state vegetable, the humble potato. There’s nothing humble, however, about the massive potato on the truck parked roadside. They carry the theme through in their snack bar (“home of the famous spudburger”!) and a few other things like the “Pooh-tater”, a hybrid potato-Winne the Pooh sculpture.

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