Any Pizza House

A NY pizza house, any pizza house, cocoa beach, florida, home of the mackin slice

Every summer, our family heads to Cocoa Beach for a long weekend of sun and surf. When we first started going there, we saw this pizza place and at first glance, I wondered who would name their restaurant “any pizza house” – they might as well subtitle it “meh”.

Of course, upon closer inspection, I realized that it was really “A N.Y. Pizza House” but I call this a typography fail.

I  suspect this place was named back when people were engaged in the forefather of SEO: yellow pages optimization, where every business name began with at least one A to push it to the top of the listings.

As for the “mackin’ slice”, I’m not sure exactly what that is (maybe “any New Yorker” can enlighten me if it’s a regional saying). However, I can attest that they do serve one of the largest pizzas I’ve ever seen – we ordered it once just to see how big it is and it was too big to fit on our table. If that’s mackin’, then there ya go.

A giant pizza from A NY Pizza House in Cocoa Beach Florida

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