Mega What??


This sign might actually be the one responsible for my current-day semi-obsession with weird, quirky, funny signage.

Way back in 1994-5 when I used to live in New Port Richey on the west coast of Florida with my then-boyfriend and now-husband, this video rental store was right around the corner from our apartment on the main thoroughfare.

The first time we drove by that place, I did a double-take. Mega WHAT?

Upon further scrutiny, I realized that it says “MEGAFLICKS” but every time we passed the sign, we would break out in fits of giggles. We couldn’t help but always refer to it as “MEGAF*CKS”. Apparently, we’re not the only ones. A Google search for “megaflicks” pulled up related results for megaf*cks.

I mean really – did no one at the Megaflicks home office actually look at the design for their signage before approving it and slapping it up on all of their buildings? Or was this a savvy marketing move to draw people’s attention? If it’s the latter, props Megaflicks people. Well-played.

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